A Tale of 3 Tables (Part 1)

The first table in my dining room redesign endeavor.

Sometimes finding the perfect piece for your home takes a bit of trial and error. When I set out to re-design my tiny dining room into a space large enough to comfortably seat more than four it turned out to be quite a process. I created a built in bench to attach to the wall. It was created using salvaged doors. (Photos to follow in part 3 of this series) My plan was to have a nice long table in front of the bench. I located a listing for a table and set of chairs on our local web sale site.



It was perfect or so I thought…. After selling the chairs that I did not need, I soon realized that I needed a trestle table instead. Needless to say, this piece was turned into a commissioned sale.


The new owner picked out the paint color and stain for the piece and I refinished it to order.
I am so very happy it found it’s new life in such a beautiful home.


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That’s my table! Every time I look at it I smile. It fits perfectly in my space and Michelle was a delight to work with. She does terrific work. It looks like it came out of a retail store but it was customized specifically for me. Thank you Michelle!

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